Welcome to White Oak Pond

We are a congregation of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 5 miles south of Lebanon, MO, where we have been since August 12, 1868. We a mix of folks, old and young, some who live inside the city limits and some who live on the farm, some who are life-long Cumberland Presbytians and others who come from various different faith traditions. In Jesus, we are family, and church is home to us. It's where we love and are loved, and where we are sent out to share the love of Jesus with the world. 

About the Cumberland Presbyterian Church

The Cumberland Presbyterian (CP) Church is a branch of the presbyterian tradition but distinct from other denominations which bear the name, including the Presbyterian Church (USA) and Presbyterian Church in America. The presbyterian tradition, is primarily a form of government, in which churches are governed by elected representatives called elders, who then represent their church at the regional, national and global bodies of the church. It also is a theological tradition, which places a strong emphasis on God's sovereignty as the Creator of the universe, and God's initiative in reaching out to us with grace. 

The CP church became a distinct branch of the presbyterian tradition in 1810 with a group of presbyterian ministers who rejected the doctrine of fatalism - also known as predestination - the belief that God chooses who will receive the grace of Jesus and who won't. These ministers also embraced and supported the spiritual movement of the Second Great Awakening, which many presbyterians treated with suspicion. This emphasis on the free will of all people, and personal transformation in Jesus, have marked the CP church from its beginning.

The CP Confession of Faith lays out the beliefs and doctrines of the church, and the Constitution lays out the structure and rules which govern it.

CP Confession of Faith and Constitution